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GO Continuous Delivery

Drupalcon Austin 2014

We will show a complex and intimidating DevOps problem, involving multiple steps of integration, delivery, and even content staging. We will walk through a configuration of the open source Go Continuous Delivery system ( ) to implement the process in an understandable and managable way.

The audience will see an incredibly complex problem addressed in a series of simple understandable steps, as we walk through a build configuration that deploys Drupal sites using phing, drush, and other tools – possibility of calling out to Jenkins as another way to manage tasks. We will watch a multistep process with multiple steps of testing and approval, and a separate path for content staging as separate from code, deploy a complex Drupal site.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery will be implemented, producing a build process reliable enough so that the decision to release becomes a business rather than a technical decision.

pattern language

Let's agree to define productivity in terms of throughput. We can debate the meaning of productivity in terms of additional measurements of the business value of delivered work, but as Eliyahu Goldratt pointed out in his critique of the Balanced Scorecard, there is a virtue in simplicity. Throughput doesn’t answer all our questions about business value, but it is a sufficient metric for the context of evaluating the relationship of practices with productivity.