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Kanban Global Summit

San Diego — Week of August 22 2022

Originally scheduled for spring of 2020, the Kanban Global Summit was yet another casuality of the pandemic. Rescheduled for later in the year, and then pushed into 2021, rescheduled for March 2022 is now on the calendar for the week of 22 Aug 2022 at the Rancho San Bernardo Inn, San Diego. Kanban Global Summit will be a live event!

It’s be great when the time finally comes to raise a glass together.

Services as a Mental Model

Cityscape photo with global kanban summit dates
Rancho San Bernardo, San Diego

The concept of “Services” provides a mental model to explore how business objectives are transformed from ideas to experience, including how to tie those activities back to budget.

You might already have the suspicion that we’re not talking about “micro-services” or “service-oriented architecture”. Clearly, the term “service” is a very much overloaded. We need to frame the word for our purposes. Put on your “Thinking in Systems” hat, and let’s explore the idea of Services as a means of encoding and expressing strategy through design.

Service Discovery is a Puzzle

Service Discovery is a puzzle of who, what, how and why resources are afforded (budgeted) and the interaction with performances that supply outcomes.

The reality of services are often more complicated than we at first imagine.
The reality of services are often more complicated than we at first imagine.

In this talk, we’ll take you through the four components of any service: There are four types of things in every service:

  • Artifacts: things with shortcomings, which are realized by Tasks.
  • Events: things with shortfalls, which are realized by Access.
  • Capabilities: things with skills, which are realized by Activity.
  • Resources: things with surpluses, which are realized by Availability.

We’ll look at how those components form the basis of promises, and how services are constructed from promises.

For service agreements to form valid contracts, there must be an offer, a consideration, and an acceptance.

Please inquired about scheduling a Service Discovery workshop for your organization.


Thinking, Fast and Slow  by Daniel Kahneman
Thinking in Systems  by Donella Meadows
Thinking in Services  by Majid Iqbal
Thinking in Bets  by Annie Duke

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pattern language

Let's agree to define productivity in terms of throughput. We can debate the meaning of productivity in terms of additional measurements of the business value of delivered work, but as Eliyahu Goldratt pointed out in his critique of the Balanced Scorecard, there is a virtue in simplicity. Throughput doesn’t answer all our questions about business value, but it is a sufficient metric for the context of evaluating the relationship of practices with productivity.