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Vue Meets Hugo

Great vue from here!

Vue Meets Hugo

Hello World: [[ display ]]

Double brackets: {{ }} are used to designate template variables in both Hugo’s mustache style templating language as well as that of Vue.

Fortunately, Vue provides a simple delimiter configuration option that we can use to make sure Vue variables are ignored by Hugo, while being recognized by Vue.

We can set the configuration in an optional vue.config.js file in the site root, with the line:

delimiters: ['[[', ']]'],

Or we can declare it when we create the App object:

const vueApp = new Vue({
  delimiters: ['[[', ']]'],
  el: '#vapp',
  data: {
   display: 'this is the value of a vue variable'

Blueprint Graphics  by Ana Michelle Godeck

pattern language

Let's agree to define productivity in terms of throughput. We can debate the meaning of productivity in terms of additional measurements of the business value of delivered work, but as Eliyahu Goldratt pointed out in his critique of the Balanced Scorecard, there is a virtue in simplicity. Throughput doesn’t answer all our questions about business value, but it is a sufficient metric for the context of evaluating the relationship of practices with productivity.