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Michael Godeck

I've logged tens of thousands of hours in varied roles as programmer, team lead, system architect, scrum master, product owner, business analyst and kanban coach, scoring successes at Applied Econometics, MCI Worldcom, American Airlines, Texas Windstorm, Thoughtworks, Pfizer and other organizations.

Working in technology, we end up sipping from the firehose, pretty much every day of the week. One area I've been consistently successful with is in helping to sort the signal from the noise.

If you think you might find that valuable, or you have something you want to talk over, please reach out.

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  • Pipeline Engineer
    Ever vigilant on the Delivery Pipeline.

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    pattern language

    Let's agree to define productivity in terms of throughput. We can debate the meaning of productivity in terms of additional measurements of the business value of delivered work, but as Eliyahu Goldratt pointed out in his critique of the Balanced Scorecard, there is a virtue in simplicity. Throughput doesn’t answer all our questions about business value, but it is a sufficient metric for the context of evaluating the relationship of practices with productivity.